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Prada handbags

Prada handbags

Tips and tricks to distinguish between the real and the fake Prada bags


Taking into account the popularity of luxury bags and leather items a large number of counterfeits can spotted in the market today and so much so that it has become quite difficult to distinguish between the real and the fake products. The Prada products are no exceptions but rather are the subject of most counterfeits due to their demand and popularity and undoubtedly, the expensive price tag. The price is the main reason that many who cannot afford a genuine Prada product settle a bargain for a cheaper fake but the problem arises when these fakes are being sold as the genuine product without any knowledge of the buyer.

However, with a little observation skill and expertise and research anyone can recognize between the real and the fake Prada items. The following are some of the techniques in which you can actually tell apart the real and the genuine Prada products.

The linings and stitches

The basic and easiest way for telling apart the real and fake Prada handbags is minutely checking the stitches, the inner lining and the logo. The stitches on the genuine Prada handbags will be small, compact and well aligned unlike the cheaper quality stitching of the fake Prada. The lining of each and every Prada bag is black with the word “Prada” printed in minute letters all over it and the material is much more strong and of better quality. The hardware like buttons and chains are of antique brass in the real Prada handbags and anything cheaper than that is a sure proof that the product is a fake.

The logo of Prada 

The logo of Prada is unique and will always be made of metal and nothing other than metal. If the logo on your Prada bag is plastic or fabric then the bag is a fake. Also misspelled logo is another symbol that the bag you have got is a fake.

Authenticity cards and Prada stores

The most obvious way to tell whether a Prada handbag is genuine or not is to take a close look at the region it was bought from. While some miscellaneous departmental stores hat stock high end bags may have Prada handbags as well but it is always advisable to shop for the Prada products from authentic Prada stores and boutiques.

Every purchase that you make with the Prada boutique will come with an authenticity card that is stores in a black envelope and has the relevant information about the model of the product that you bought.